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What questions should you ask before buying a stair lift?

What questions should you ask before buying a stair lift?
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Bath lifts are essential items to purchase if you have a senior at home that needs assistance in taking his or her bath; you should also not postpone buying one if you have a disabled person at home. The bath lift can make like a lot easier for the older adult and ensures that the person does not have to wait for anyone at home to use the toilet or use the bathtub. It removes dependence and provides complete freedom.

The focus of this write-up is to explore those essential questions to ask before you place your hard earned money on that bath lift. Answering these questions correctly before you proceed ensures that you can get top value for your money. Before we progress into the original purpose of the write-up, we will look into some of the many benefits of owning a bath lift at home.

The many benefits of a stair lift

It is never part of the life plan of many to get confined to a wheelchair or chair lift. Be that as it may, one can only attempt to make the most of it while when one finds him or herself in such an uncomfortable condition. So, what are the possible benefits of owning a chairlift? Check them out below.

  • Independence: Even in the uncomfortable state of being a wheelchair user, the stair lift can still offer you a lot of autonomy and remove the need to wait for others to help you into and out of the bathtub. You can also use the toilet anytime you want.
  • Safety: The bath lift is fitted with many safety features that put an end to accidents that usually happen to the elderly ones in the bathtub. Consequently, you can use the bathtub or toilet without the fear of anything going wrong
  • Flexibility: Bath lifts can be easily installed on any stair for that matter. What is more, you do not have to remodel the staircase before you can install the stair lift. The flexibility ensures that the stair lift will do just fine in a multiple-landing, straight or even curved staircase. For example, the bath buddy bath lift has many features that make it adaptable to various uses.
  • Practical and economical: Furthermore, stair lifts are efficient and do not cost much. The stair lift has also improved the lifespan of the elderly in America; the number of seniors above 65 years has doubled to 35 million compared to what obtained at the beginning of the 20th century.

So, we are going to consider some of the essential questions to ask before you buy the stair lift

Who is going to install it?

Before you buy the bath lift, you should conclude how it will be installed or who will install it. Bear in mind that many of the companies that sell bath lift will also help you to install it. Do not buy from any outlet that does not even provide installation; the installation is done free most of the time as a way of giving something back to the customer.

Do not allow just anybody to carry out the installation; find out first if the manufacturer has permitted the outlet also to install its products.  The unauthorized outlet may do the job well, but the manufacturer may not honor the warranty terms if its approved technician does not do the installation. Consequently, you should be clear about who is to install the stairlift before you buy the product from that outlet.

Does your staircase have adequate room for the stair lift?

Before shopping for stair lifts, it is advisable to find out if there is adequate space on your staircase to accommodate the stair lift. Even if the staircase is narrow, some bath lifts are designed to adapt to any size of the stairs, no matter how tight it may be. Consequently, the type to buy should be determined by how narrow or wide your staircase is.

Determine the size before going out to make your purchase. If you do not know how to choose the stagier lift based on the size of your staircase, you can get in touch with experts, who can use their expertise to decide the perfect size of stair lift for your staircase.


What type should you get?

There are many types of stair lifts out there today with each available at different levels of sophistication. The level of complexity can determine the price.  As hinted earlier, your type of staircase can determine the kind of stair lift to buy. Aside from the width of the stairs, another critical determining factor is the design of the stairs; is the staircase straight or curved? You must determine this first as it can determine the type of stair lift to buy.

Does the staircase have a landing along the way? Then you are better off with a curved stair lift.  Instead of a curved stair lift, you can opt for two stair lifts with each using the landing as ending and starting point, respectively.  Aside from the determining factors discussed above, one other important factor determining the type of stair lift to buy is your body weight. If you weigh up to 140 Kgs or more, then you are better off with a heavy duty stair lift. You can go for something lighter if you are not as heavy as that.

What is the cost?

The points mentioned above are significant when choosing the right stair lift to buy. The issue of price is also as important as any of the points already discussed. What is your budget for the stair lift? Can you get the one you like at the price you can afford? If not, will it still be ok if you go for a less expensive one? Why not go for the less expensive one if it can also offer the same measure of quality? Always bear in mind that what you pay for is what you get. Be that as it may, some companies may be offering discounts that will help you to spend less on your preferred stair lift.

You may want to compare several companies before pitching your tent with any of them; compare the prices at which each of these companies is selling your preferred stair lift and go for the one that sells at the most affordable price. Be that as it may, do not forget about quality when considering the price.

Is the stairlift easy to use?

Also, find out how easy it is to control that stair lift before you place your hard-earned money on it.  The ease of use is about the most critical factor to consider before buying that equipment. It must be straightforward to use so that a senior having age-related health conditions, like dementia, can easily use the equipment without applying much physical or mental effort.  Find out if an individual with low mental ability can use this stair lift before you buy it.  Find out if the stair lift has light-touch controls so that individuals with health conditions like arthritis will not have much problem controlling it. 

Does it have a remote control?  Remote-controlled stair lifts are the best to buy if the stair lift is to be used by multiple people. The bath buddy inflatable bath lift can be lowered into the bathtub and raised very easily for improved ease of use.

The electric bath seats are among the easiest to control out there. They do not require that the end user put much effort to control the bath lift easily. They can also last for long since the controls are not touched too often or too hard each time.

There is no point in buying a stair lift with complicated control. It should be so easy that the end user does not have to memorize much or go through any mental or physical stress before being able to use it well.

What questions should you ask before buying a stair lift?

What safety features should I consider?

Before you buy that stair lift, you should also consider the available safety features. There is no point in buying it if it is not safe or cannot provide a considerable measure of safety. Bear in mind that the end user will most probably be an elderly person.  So, the stair lift should give assurance of consistent safety so that it can be used without any assistance and without the fear of anything going wrong with the end user.

Does the seat swivel? Stairlifts with such positions are very easy to use and offer additional safety.  The one with swivel seat can be mounted very easily. Furthermore, find out if the swivel seat can be locked in place after the end user has installed it.

Does it come with a sensor on the foot platform?  Such a sensor can stop the stair lift in its track if there is any form of obstruction on its path so that the stair lift will not hit that obstruction.


The above are some of the benefits of using the stair lift. Also, we have delved extensively into specific questions you should ask before you ever attempt to buy a stair lift. A proper resolution of the issues raised in this write-up will ensure that you will never get it wrong when choosing a stair lift among the many brands and types on sale today.

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