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Features and Benefits of the Best Stair Lifts

If you are looking for the most suitable stair lift there are certain features that you need to consider. There are some basic considerations about safety and convenience for people with mobility problems. Actually, they are very safe to use. But before you buy one, make sure it conforms to the standards required for stair lift safety. Here are some things to consider before buying a stair lift.

Select a certified stair lift:

While it should be a compulsory feature for all lifts to be certified, some are not actually certified. When buying a lift, safety should be the most important thing to think about. Select a lift with a certified logo to make sure the lift is safe for use.

Straight or curved lifts

There are basically two types of lifts for staircases. Straight lifts are perfect for staircases that are designed straight. Obviously you will select a curved lift if the staircase you have is curved. It is important to consider that you need to be able to walk on to a large floor area at the top or bottom of stairs and not onto the stair treads.

Some features to consider

Seat belts

These should be found in all types of stair lifts. Wearing a safety belt is a standard safety rule to apply whenever you are making use of the lift. It should be worn at all times.

Swivel seat

This type of seat easily rotates to make sure the user can turn to get off the seat in a safe position onto flat landing areas and not onto stair treads. If the user does not have strong balance or struggles with control, this feature will be a great help.

Auto stop

Auto stop is another safety measure designed by manufacturers to keep users safe. When there is any noticeable obstruction when the lift is in motion, the auto stop is triggered. The lift automatically stops until the barrier is removed.

Foldaway design

This is a convenient feature that allows users to easily fold the seat, footrest and arms to create space on the stairway. If the staircase is used by a number of people this feature will be of great benefit.

Arm and foot rest

This is another convenient and comfortable feature that provides rest to the arms and feet. It’s especially important if a person doesn’t have much strength.

Hinged track

This is sometimes necessary at the bottom of stair lift if space is limited where first stair tread is located.

Battery powered lift

A battery powered lift will be ideal in areas where there is limited electric power supply. With a battery lift, the user will not get stranded on the stairs even if there is a power cut.

Capability for multi-users

Some stair lifts come with multi-user capacity, which allows more than one individual to make use of the lift. It’s ideal if there is more than one person limited by mobility in the home.

Call-send button

This feature is also ideal when more than a single individual will make use of the stair lift. With this feature, a user can summon the lift if it is positioned at the opposite end of the staircase.

The items above are the most important features of the best stair lifts. You may find a lift with most of these features. Before making your buying decision, it’s important to consider all the features. This will help you select the most ideal stair lift.