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Stair Lift Cost

Stair-Lift-CostAnyone who suffers from reduced mobility and wants to stay in their own home will benefit from a stair lift.  They can allow people to stay in their own homes long after they would have had to move if they had not had the increased independence provided by the stair lift.

They can provide reassurance and safety to the user and their relatives.  It can be a great source of comfort to someone who lives alone to know that they can safely ascend and descend their own staircase.  It can provide the ability to leave the home if there are stairs outside and give people the freedom to feel safe as they descend a slippery stairway in the comfort of their external stair lift.

So, if you have decided that you need a stair lift, what is the next step.  Once we have decided, the next step is to establish what the stair lift cost is and to see if it is affordable.

Factors that contribute to the cost

So, there are many factors that contribute towards the stair life cost.  Primarily it will depend on the type of staircase you have, is it curved or straight?  Is there one floor or two?  Do you need an external as well as an internal stair lift?  Do you want a new or reconditioned chair?  Do you need any added features for your stair lift?  So many questions that need to be answered before a final price can be estimated.

A professional installation company and supplier will be able to answer many of these questions for you and suggest any corners that could be cut to save money.  They could also offer a discount if it is applicable, or offer a finance plan by which you can pay in more affordable instalments over a number of months or years.

The first stage of the process would involve getting a no obligation quote from one company or a number of companies.  If you have a straight staircase, it will be a cheaper installation because the track that the chair lift runs on is cheaper and does not need to be custom made.  So there is a variance in cost already.  It also depends how many stairs you have in your staircase, the more stairs, the more expensive the stair lift will be.

New Stair lift Costs

There could also be a variance in price depending on which company you choose.  Most importantly, it depends on what extras you would like to be added to your chair.  Do you require a tilted seat?  Would it be helpful to add a swivel seat?  Some savings can be made on VAT.  If you are registered disabled you should be exempt from this 20% tax.   VAT can be reduce by 5% if you are over the age of 60, so again, savings can be made here.

Reconditioned Stair Lift Costs

You may decide to save some money and opt for a reconditioned stair lift.  A reconditioned chair is slightly different to a second hand chair, as a reconditioned chair will have been taken back to the factory, tested, fixed and will be in fully working order, as new, in theory.  A second hand chair is one that someone has used previously and is selling because they no longer need it.  A reconditioned chair will be more expensive than a second hand chair, as a guide.

However, it is worth a word of caution.  Buying a second hand chair can be risky.  This is primarily because you are trusting the word of the seller that it is in fully working condition and is not being sold because it is faulty or has issues that prevented it from working correctly.  You will also have to pay for installation yourself, whereas a reconditioned chair will include the cost of installation in the price.

Another cost implication is servicing and repair.   If you choose a new or reconditioned chair, the company should provide a warranty that will last for a certain amount of months or years.  They should also provide the telephone number of someone you can call in the event of any issues arising with the chair lift.  If you have bought the chair second hand from a private seller, you may incur extra costs in servicing and maintenance, which will negate any savings you may have made on the purchase price.

You must also bear in mind that you will only be able to buy a new stair lift if you have a curved staircase.  This is because any stair lift for a curved stair case has to be custom made and therefore is highly unlikely to fit another home.


If you have discovered that the prices of buying a stair lift outright are prohibitive, you have the option to rent a stair lift.  This can be particularly useful if you have suffered from an injury from which you expect to recover.  If you will only need the stair lift for a finite period of time, it may be preferable to rent a stair lift for the time you need it.

There is also the added peace of mind with a rented stair lift that you should get full maintenance and servicing included in the rental price.  However, you may be charged an additional fee for installation and removal of the stair lift, so these costs should be factored in.


The choice of stair lift is a personal one and depends on what your requirements are and how your home is arranged.  If costs of a new stair lift are not affordable, a reconditioned chair seems like a more viable option.  If the price of an outright chair is too much, the rental option is a good choice to maintain independence, both physically and financially.  Check price match guarantees with major competitor companies and also research any grants you may be eligible for before making your choice, you  may be pleasantly surprised.