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Stair Lift Chairs

All the essential information about stair lift chairs


If you are an elderly person, or someone with reduced mobility, stairs can be a huge challenge.  It can take all your energy to climb up stairs, and can be frightening to negotiate doing down them.  However, if you are in a home where you have a staircase, or you have stairs outside your property, there is a solution.

Many people have issues with damaged muscles, joints or bones in their legs.  Others have reduced vision or impaired balance.  All these issues can affect any of us at any stage of our lives, not just in later years.  All of us want to stay in our own homes and keep some measure of independence, and if stairs form part of our daily routine in the home, a stair lift chair could be the answer.

Internal stair lift chairs

Many homes have internal stairs.  Most homes are arranged on more than one floor, so internal stairs are a fact of life.  However, if you own a home, then experience a reduction in your mobility, or have an injury to your legs, stairs can present a huge challenge.

If balance is affected, or you have nerve damage, it can be a regular occurrence that you trip or your legs give way at unexpected moments.  If this were to happen whilst climbing or descending the stairs, it could be the cause of a further injury.  Falls from stairs are a major cause of injury, particularly in the elderly and if they have no one living in the home, can be a source of great concern.

Staying in our own home is paramount for many people.  If illness strikes, it is more comforting to stay in our own homes and doctors recommend it for a quicker recovery.   So being able to stay in our own homes necessitates the ability to get up and down stairs.  An internal stair lift chair can solve so many problems.

The structure of a stair lift chair is essentially a rigid chair that is attached to the wall of the stairs.  Brackets attach the chair to the wall and a track provides the frame by which the chair moves up and down.  Once seated in the chair, there are foot rests for extra comfort and security and a belt to prevent falling whilst in the chair.  The seat is then manoeuvred up or down the staircase by means of an electric button and it glides smoothly and easily and most of all safely.

External stair lift chairs

If you have stairs outside your home, this challenge can also be addressed by a stair lift chair.  Manufacturers have adapted the chairs, so they can be used for external stairs as well.  The exterior chairs are made of durable materials that are weather and temperature resistant.  A staircase outside can be a great source of concern to those who have mobility issues, as falling on concrete can be more painful and damaging than on an interior staircase.  There are also concerns relating to weather.  If a pavement or walkway is wet or icy there is a greater risk of falling and hurting yourself.  So an exterior stair lift chair gives peace of mind against those potential dangers.

Stair Lift Chairs

Installation of a stair lift chair

There are numerous companies which sell stair lift chairs and a quick search on the internet will provide a plethora of information about these companies.  Most are willing to send a salesman to your house with printed material for you to look at and keep.  They can then also assess your living space and help answer any questions about installation or customization for your home.  They will measure the staircase, assess any bends or curves in the stairway and figure out accessible power points nearby.  Stair lift chairs can be fitted to curved staircases, although your choice of models may be more limited in this instance.

They can then give you a more accurate idea of how easy or difficult the installation will be and any price fluctuations that may arise because of the individual needs of your home.

Installation is an easy process.  The workmen will arrive at your home with the equipment and place the brackets on the wall of your staircase.  They can install the chair in a few hours and have it ready and working for you.  They will run through the entire process of how to get into the chair, how to operate it and any potential worries you may have about the functions of the chair.  They will then ensure they have left your property as clean and tidy as they found it, before leaving you to enjoy the flexibility of your new stair lift chair.

Many safety features have been considered in these chairs.  For instance, it is possible to get control panels that have large buttons for those with visual impairment, or those that have footrests which retract when not in use, to avoid risk of tripping.  Many customization can be offered to the chair from a huge range.  There are tilted seats on offer, for those who find lowering themselves difficult.  One handed seat belts can be added for those with reduced mobility in one arm.


A stair lift chair can be a wonderful addition to a home and allow the owner to gain a new lease of life and mobility.  It can make a world of difference to someone who feared having to leave their home as the result of a leg injury or pain.  It can give the owner years more in their home and give that feeling of independence in tact.  It helps those who are caring for relatives because they have less worry about the risk of falling or injury. Those suffering from brittle bones, joint pain or nerve pain will find that they are able to move around their homes more easily and have added peace of mind as a result.