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If you find it difficult to move about by yourself, either due to age or any form of ailment or disability, you will find the bath lift to be your best helpmate. If you cannot use the regular bathtub by yourself, the bath chair can also help you out. It can lower you into the bathtub so that you can take your bath without assistance from anybody. The inflatable type makes it even easier. It eases things a great deal and also helps you to use the toilet effortlessly. A stair lift chair is designed to lower you into the bottom of the bathtub and lift you out of it after taking your bath. They offer stability and support during the bathing routine and can also convey you to your room afterward.


How does the inflatable bathing lift benefit you?

They are designed to make bathing highly convenient for the disabled or senior. They equally improve the stability of the end user in the bathtub. They are built to provide more comfort and can also be used as toilet seats. They are usually strong and durable. Consequently, they can last for years to come; there had been cases of bath chairs that continue for more than a decade. It is the best tool for anyone who feels unstable when bathing or showering. Also, they are available in various styles and sizes, which mean they are perfectly suitable for several mobility needs.


Standard and swivel seats

The two of them can be used as bath chairs, but they still have a couple of differences. The standard type remains in a fixed position, while the swivel type can rotate. The standard model can also keep you steady when washing. The rotating state of the swivel type makes it easy to transfer yourself in and out of the bath. It can also provide excellent support to the bather. If you need assistance when stepping in and out of the bath, you will find the swivel type to be perfect for your purpose. In most instances, the swivel types are also electric bath chairs.

Important features to consider when buying an inflatable bath chair

Several factors shod be considered when purchasing a bath chair. You should first find the size and the maximum weight it can bear while keeping in mind the body weight of the person to use it. Check also if the bath chair fits your idea of style and how fitting it is to the design in your home. The measure of support you need from a bath chair can also determine the type you buy. Do you have a problem stepping out or into the bath or you cannot stand well on your feet? You will find the swivel type better

Some other factors of Inflatable bath chair to consider are:

  • Find out if the bath lift chair can carry the weight of the end user conveniently.
  • Find out if the ends user or the caregiver can easily operate the Inflatable bath lift chair. Some of them are operated by batteries, and some are heavier than what the end user can control. If it runs on a battery, do not forget to charge the battery. A very good example of a bath chair that runs on a battery is the bath buddy.
  • Look for a bath chair that can raise you above the bath rims; this way, you can easily lift your legs over the side of the bath
  • What is the maximum lifting height of the bath chair? Can it lift to the rim of the bath? Find out if the bath chair is included with an adapter, which can improve the applicability of the bath chair.
  • If the end user has low body weight, he may find a plastic bath chair too hard to use. It is better to go for a bath chair with a padded chair. Some manufacturers add detachable machine washable cushion to the plastic type and this can reduce the risk of infection. The cover will also enhance comfort.
  • Do you have adequate space to store the bath chair when not in use?
  • Do not buy a manual, inflatable and band bath chair for someone that cannot maintain a sitting balance or if the intended end user has limited trunk control.
  • Find out if the bath is strong enough to support the bath chair. Check with the manufacturer to find out.
  • Also consider the stair lift cost before you buy
  • Does the bath chair have a backrest? One with backrest provides more comfort. The backrest can either be fixed or reclining. The latter type can provide more comfort and help you to relax better than ever. It is also the best choice for individuals having back conditions, like scoliosis and kyphosis or individuals with reduced hip flexion. The reclining type can also assist tall end users to make the most of the length of the bathtub. The maximum reclining angle in many of the bath stair lifts around is 40 degrees. The overall height of the backrest can also vary at times. It may be included with a molded headrest and cushion inserts to provide more stability, support, and comfort for the end user.
  • Can the bath chair be dismantled and then reassembled easily? This is yet another consideration when buying. The bath chair can be very heavy and lifting them can give the end user some measure of discomfort and can even cause a backache.
  • Check if the bath seat comes with suction feet; such bath seats can provide additional stability as they stick to the bottom of the bath. Some of the newest models of bath lifts come with pull-up tabs, which are attached to the suction feet for easier removal.
  • Is the bath chair multifunctional? Find out if it can also be used in the toilet conveniently or not. Never forget to also find out if it can be used as a stair lift, in which case it can help you to climb and descend the stairs if there are stairs in your home.
  • What about the brand name? Some brand names produce nothing short of top quality, while some other ones may not be reliable. Read reviews about the various brands of bath chairs on sale and go for one with positive reviews among them.
  • Do not go in search of the bath lift chair by yourself if you are not adequately educated to choose the right one; always go with a professional like an occupational therapist; he can help you in making the right choice. The therapist can help choose a bath chair that will ensure your safety in the bathtub.
  • What about trying it out before you buy? This ensures that you can get the right one that can serve your purpose very well.


Various types of bath lifts

How easy is it to operate the bath lift? This is yet another feature to consider when buying the right one for you. The operation of the bath lift should be easy so that the elderly person can grasp it effortlessly. Bear in mind that some of the end users may also be having other age-related medical conditions, like dementia. So, the operation should be very easy to grasp so that it can serve the desired purpose. Many of the baths lift being made today also feature buttons that are very easy to operate. If the end user has a poor sight or suffers from arthritis, he will not have any problem operating these buttons. The  bath lift is a very good example of a bath lift easy to operate. It can be inflated easily to flat on the water and can be deflated easily so that you can get immersed in the bath water. This simple operation can prevent the possibility of an accident.

Bath Lift

Bath lift

Safety features

Bath chairs are of different types and some of them will be highlighted below:

  • Manual bath lift chair
  • Wall or floor mounted band lifts
  • Removable inflammable type
  • Removable rigid powered bath chair and those with reclining back
  • Electric bath lifts
  • Hydraulic bath lifts
  • Inflatable bath lift chair

The Mangar Bath Lift makes bathing a lot more comfortable and accessible for all and sundry. It allows you to lay back and get yourself soaked in the bathtub. There is no better way to bring all the pleasures back into bathing than by using this bath lift. The control is easy and straightforward. The controls are within reach of your fingers and only require a gentle tap each time. The bath lift will lower you to the bottom of the bathtub gently. It is always designed to put you in control at all times. This way, you can get top value for your money.

If you want to leave the bathtub after taking your bath, press the control button, and the bath lift will get inflated again, thereby lifting you out of the bathtub so that you can dismount the bath lift easily. The inflation and deflation are smooth and accessible at all times. Furthermore, all the fittings on the bath lift are soft. As a result, you will always be 100% comfortable while taking your bath using this bath lift. Each unit of this bath lift comes with lumbar support that increases the stability of the bath lift. The secure non-slip seat pocket also prevents an accident to the end user.


The details provided above can guide you when looking for the best bath chair that can serve your purpose perfectly. Never forget to read reviews about that particular brand of bath chair before you place your hard-earned money on it. Also, you are better off reading the reviews on neutral websites and not on the product homepage; the homepage may not give you an accurate idea of what to expect from the bath chair.

You can operate bath lift by a caregiver or as an independent bathing; this will make the task of assisting the end user very easy and safe; this will lower the risk of back injury at the same time, the end user must find it easier to lift his legs over the bath rim if they want to bathe without any assistance from anyone.