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How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?
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There are several factors to consider before you buy a stair lift for your use at home, and one of the principal factors is the issue of pricing; this is why we will delve into the pricing issue in this write-up to give you an idea of how much it can cost you to buy a stair lift. However, we will like to consider some of the benefits of owning a stair lift in this write-up before going into details of the possible costs of stair lifts. Sit back and learn about how stair lifts bath can benefit your life.

What are the benefits?

  • Stair lifts are highly beneficial to both the elderly and disabled members of the family. Few of the benefits will be highlighted below:
  • Stair lifts are highly versatile. They are available in different designs and models. They can be installed on your curved staircases, your outdoor, and your straight staircases.
  • Furthermore, stair lifts are made to bear various categories of body weights. They can conveniently be used by individuals between 45 Kgs and 180 Kgs. You can also get one installed even if you are lighter than this body weight.
  • The installation of the stair lift can be done on either side of the staircase, be it on the right or the left. As a result, other members of the home using the stairs can quickly climb up or down the stairs without disturbing or being disturbed by those using the installed stair lifts.
  • What is more, many of the stairs lifts being installed today, especially outdoor stair lifts can function correctly in atmospheric temperature ranging from 0 to 50c.
  • Additionally, stair lifts can be made in line with the preferences of the end users.
  • The ease of use of the stair lifts is yet another feature that makes it stand out and comfortable. The control is, and virtually anyone can get a grip of it from the first attempt.

Some of the standard safety features you can find in stair lifts are highlighted below:

  • Footrest flips up
  • Adjustable seat heights and armrests
  • Safety sensors
  • Diagnostic digital displays
  • Remote control handset
  • Lockable swivel seats
  • And so on.

With the aid of the stair lift, you will never struggle to get down or climb the stairs anymore; the stair lift makes things very easy for you. It will prevent accidents and injury and make things more convenient for the aged, disabled and injured. Aside from the convenience it offers, it also provides complete safety.

Stair lift will increase your mobility and dependence. It will help you to move around quickly in the home and from one floor to another. Consequently, never again will you ask for help from your friends, children or spouse to ascend or descend the stairs? The aid provided by the stair lift removes the restriction of any kind when it comes to moving from one story to another at home. Its use is not restricted to the house alone; it can also be installed in the office to make the movement more accessible for the disabled or aged. Many hotels and several other public buildings also have the stair lift installed.

How much does a stair lift cost?

The fact is that there is no straight answer to this question; the reason being that stair lifts are technical and come in different sizes and shapes, with each featuring different technical inputs. In this section of the write-up, we will try to provide an answer to the question above.

Straight stair lifts

Most straight staircases consist of 12 to 14 steps. You will end up spending between £1500 and £4000 to buy a stair lift for such a staircase. In most instances, homeowners seeking to install straight stair lifts end up spending between £2300 and £3000. Bear in mind that the prices quoted above usually include a one-year service warranty and installation cost.

The main factors responsible for the variation are the brand of the stair lift and the models; different brands also come with various features. The uniqueness of the available options in each stair lift can determine the price tag. For example, hydraulic bath lifts for the elderly will differ from other types regarding price. Considering the price range given above, you expect a stair lift that costs only £1500 to buy, install and ensure to have just the limited, basic features. If the stair lifts costs around £2700, on the other hand, you can expect it to have great enticing features not available in the type that costs about £1500; some of such features to expect in the high-end stair lifts are higher weight capacity and a slimmer profile. You can equally expect other customization options as highlighted below:

  • Colour choices to match the home décor
  • Seat material
  • Power folding rail

If you consider the cost above to be too high, you can as well decide to change from a multi-story building to a single-story one. Even at that, you will end up paying the emotional cost of adapting to a new neighborhood or home, as well as, the moving costs, closing costs and realtor costs, which will amount to quite a lot. An assisted living facility, on the other hand, will cost about £250 monthly. Alternatively, a private room in a nursing home will cost about £6000 monthly. Consequently, buying a stair lift seems to be the most affordable option, despite the initial seemingly high cost.

Custom stair lift

You will need this type of stair lift if your staircase has landings, turns or curves. There are models of stair lifts that only cater to this purpose, and some of them can accommodate virtually any type of staircase. This type is usually more expensive than the straight stair lift with the price usually costing at least double the price of a straight stair lift. Some of the factors that can increase the cost are highlighted below:

  • Additional features or options
  • Number of landings
  • The total length of the staircase
  • The complexity of the stairs.

Despite the high cost, the custom stair lift is still a cheaper option compared to the value of the assisted living facility. If you use the custom stair lift for about ten years, then it would have cost you only a nominal fee of £80 per month.

Refurbished stair lift

Instead of buying a new stair lift, you can opt for a used one and still get top value for your money. However, make sure that he used one is in excellent condition and can function just like a new one. Maybe your neighbor is moving from a multi-story apartment to a single-story home and wants to sell off his stair lift; you can liaise with that neighbor to buy the stair lift at a price lower than the price for the new one. You can also buy the used stair lifts from several outlets out there. Many of the used stair lifts have been rented out previously. The prices of the used ones tend to vary, depending on the model and how long it had been used. The technicians selling the refurbished types will first want to visit your home to determine what you need before deciding on what will work out best for you.

The makes and models can determine the cost. Be that as it may, you can save between £400 and £800 if you buy the refurbished type compared to the new one. What is more, many of the refurbished types still come with a warranty; this cost also includes installation cost. However, the warranty period is rarely as long as that of a new product.

Outdoor stair lift

You can also install an outdoor stair lift for your docks, decks and patio steps. The outdoor types are also available for both custom curved rails and standard straight rails. The outdoor models are built to resist the elements, like salt air, rain and cold weather. The seats are also well covered to provide complete safety for both the end user and the stair lift. Also, the complexity of the outdoor stair lift determines the price. The straight type will cost between £2700 and £5000, while the curved type will cost at least double the price of a straight stair lift, the price for the curved type may go higher depending on the complexity and length of the staircase.

Stair lift rentals

One other option of installing a stair lift in your home is to rent it; this may be the best option out if you will only need the stair lift for a short period, like the period it takes to recover from surgery or the period it takes to accommodate an elderly person visiting your home for a short vacation. The terms can be as short as three months. The price range is usually between £195 and £390 per month, depending on the specific requirement of the customer regarding features and the rental inventory. Many outlets are offering rental services out there today. Get in touch with them and find out what they have to offer and if there are possibilities of a discount. Be that as it may, the rental option may be the best if you will only need the stair lift for a short spell, especially less than a year.

How to save some money

You can save some money off the stair lift installation by carrying out the installation by yourself. This way, you can remove the cost of the installation from the prices quoted above, which will end up reducing how much you will have to spend on the stair lift. You must, however, bear in mind that installing stair lift is never easy at all; it is not the same thing as a toaster oven or coffee maker that can be installed in a fly. Consequently, you must know how to do it before you attempt it. If care is not taken, a stair lift you install by yourself will not work correctly. For all you know, it may not even fit your staircase in the first place. While those low prices are enticing, you must also consider the challenges of installing the stair lifts by yourself before you place your hard-earned money on it.

Only a professional technician must install a stair lift. You will be toying with your safety if you install it by yourself without having the required expertise. A professional installer would have been taken through thorough training and will understand the specific installation requirements of each model of stair lifts.

Furthermore, you may forfeit the service warranty that usually comes with each unit of stair lift if you carry out the installation by yourself.


We have given you a summary of what you may end up spending to get the stair lift installed at home. The ball is now in your court. You can choose to buy either new or refurbished stair lifts; you can choose to pay for installation or get it installed by yourself. If you prefer to do the installation by yourself, always bear in mind the risk involved. Whatever the case may be, installing a stair lift at home will cost you less than living in an assisted living facility. 

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