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Finding the Perfect Stair Lift to Meet Your Needs

Finding the Perfect Stair Lift to Meet Your Needs
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Stair lifts are significant additions to the home, especially if you have a senior in the house or a member of your family got injured and required assistance to move around the home or use the bathroom. The stair lift can become a necessity if the family member has knee problems and cannot get up and down the stairs unassisted. The stair lift can prevent pains and also keep him safe from further issues.

If you have never bought stair lifts before, you may have questions about how to go about making your purchase. As its name implies, a stair lift becomes necessary if you live in a home made up of multiple levels. Consequently, you may not need to use a stair lift if you live in a house with a single story. With the aid of a stair lift, you will not have to change your home from a multi-story building to a single-story building in this write-up, we will open your eyes to some essential things you must consider when looking for the best stair lift that can perfectly meet your needs at home.

Different nomenclature

Stair lifts have different terminology, and you are free to call them any name that you deem right. Some of the commonly used names for them:

Stair lifter

  • Stair lifter

  • Stair glide

  • Chairlift

  • Stair chair

Whatever name you call the home tool, the expert you met at the outlet selling them will know what you are looking for and Whatever name you call the home tool, the expert you met at the outlet selling them, will know what you are looking for and Whatever name you call the home tool, the expert you met at the outlet selling them will understand what you are looking for and can guide you about which is the best for you. It is never advisable to buy the stair lift without the professional advice of a trained technician. The trained technician knows the best type of bath lift chairs to buy for your specific staircase and specific body weight. The professional will equally know which stair lift is the best for indoor or outdoor purpose. Some outlets selling stairlifts usually travel down to the home of the buyer for bath chair demonstration during which they display how different brands and types of stair lifts work; the presentation can help a potential buyer to make the right choice among the available brands of stair lifts. The demonstration is usually carried out free of charge.

How does a stair lift work?

Before you can find the best stair lift to buy, you need to understand how stair lifts work. As already stated, stair lifts help you to move up and down the stairs. They are mounted directly into your staircase and not to the wall. As a result, they remain sturdy and also compatible with the home décor without putting your staircase at risk or preventing other people in the home from using the stairs.

The beautiful thing about stair lifts is that they can perfectly fit any staircase, be it the straight or spiral type. They can equally be installed on stairways with multiple landings.

The railing is attached to the staircase, while the chair runs along the railing. The stair lift needs a standard wall outlet for it to function correctly; the wall outlet needs to be installed within 6 feet of the bottom or top of the staircase with the installation depending on the model of the stairs in your home.

The power issue

Stairlifts use electrical power to function, which can be supplied by either an installed battery or a direct connection to the primary power source. Many of the stair lifts made today come with backup batteries. You should go for a stair lift that comes with a backup battery if the power supply in your area is erratic. The backup battery can be charged in a designated position, which can be located either at the bottom or top of the stair lift; it can also be loaded along the rail. If the chair is fitted correctly, this home tool will charge anytime it is not being used. In most instances, a fully changed stairlift can make up to 60 round trips before it requires another charge. An electric bath seat will have a direct connection to the primary power source.

Staircase Complication

You must first consider how complicated your staircase is before you buy a stair lift. The two main types of stair lifts are:

  • Custom curved rail

  • Straight rail

If the stairs in your home do not have landings, curves or turns, then you should go for the straight rail variation. This type can cost the best to contact us. It can equally be installed within just a few days and do not need any form of customization.

Virtually any type of staircase will perfectly go with the custom curved stair lift, be it a curved staircase or a split level house. Curved staircases are unique, and this informs the custom design of this variation of the stair lift.

Before you buy the stair lift, first invite a Product Specialist to your home to take photographs of your staircase and send the image to the manufacturer, who will then fabricate the custom railing to fit your specific type of staircase. The process involved in making custom curved rail is more complicated than that of the stair rail. Consequently, it is more expensive than the latter; it will cost almost twice the price if a straight staircase stair lift to get it installed in your home with the actual cost depending on the specific staircase in your home. You may have to wait up to four weeks before your custom curved rail can be ready.

Check for specific features

You should consider some aspects of the stair lift before you, especially safety features. The safety features ensure that the end user will never get injured by using this stair lift. You can go for the bath buddy inflatable bath lift for easy use in the bathroom. This type can lower you to the bottom of the bathtub and lift you out of it once you are through. Consequently, it saves you from harm while using the bath. Some other safety features to look out for in a stair lift are highlighted below:

Swivel seat

  • Swivel seat

  • Electrical and mechanical braking systems

  • DC Power

  • Lockable on/off switch

  • Limit sensors

  • Smooth start/stop motion

  • Pressure-sensitive safety sensors

  • Inertial reel seatbelt

Indoor or outdoor uses

Do you plan to install the stairlift indoor or outdoor? This is one other significant decision to take before you buy that stair lift. The outdoor version of the stair lift is weatherproof and can, therefore, withstand any weather whatsoever. This type usually features a well-padded, well-covered seat so that it will not be soaked by water or stained by dirt. This type can equally withstand UV light and do not cower in freezing temperature.

The outdoor version of stair lifts will cost you more than the indoor version. They are equally the best types to install in the home when there is no adequate space for a ramp.

The weight capacity

Before you buy that stair lift, you should equally consider the position of the stair lift before you buy it. Many of the standard units of stair lifts have 136 Kgs. you can stair lifts of higher capacity if you so desire; you can find stair lifts with capacity as high as 250 Kgs. Before you buy that impressive looking stair lift, always consider the body weight of the person to use it. Do you plan to also carry heavy items up the stairs on the stair lift? You should also consider this when buying the stair lift. Make sure the weight capacity of the stair lift can bear both the body weight of the end user and that of any item the end user may want to carry up the stairs on the stair lift. The seat width equally increases with the capacity of the stair lift, and this will ensure a more comfortable ride up and down the stairs.

Consider other stair users

When buying the stair lift, you must also consider other people using the stairs. You can go for a stair lift that can be folded up when not in use so that it will not obstruct the staircase. If not folded up, the stair lift can take about two to three feet of space on the stairs. Many of the stairlifts being made today come with call/send buttons that help to address the chair to any convenient position, either at the head or bottom of the stairs whenever you are not using it.

Ease of adaptation

Furthermore, you should consider the width of your staircase before you buy that stair lift. Is your staircase narrow? Then you should get in touch with product specialists that can determine the best type of stair lift to install for the narrow staircase. Many of the houses built these days feature relatively wide staircases that can give adequate room for stair lifts installation. If the staircase is small, the width of the stairlift to be installed will be determined by the height of the person to use the stair lift. How best can you identify the right width of a stair lift to establish? Merely make the intended user in a chair and measure the individual from the knees to the back, after which you should add 12 inches. Whatever result you get is the right width that can prevent the knees of the end user from hitting the wall when using the stair lift.

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