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Electric Bath Seats

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Electric bath seats are made to run on electricity. They are made for individuals with low mobility due to health issues or old age. With the aid of the seats, the end users can get immersed themselves in a relaxing, and nice while also sitting comfortably in the bathtub. With the aid of the bath seat, the end user can wash safely without any fear of an accident. The bath seats also make the bathtub easy to access. It is excellent for both professional and domestic uses. They are specially designed for disabled or elderly people.

The bath seats can also act as a stair lift chair. If the individual is residing in a home with stairs, the bath seats can be fitted to a lift and it can help the disabled person or someone with low mobility to access the various floors in the home without any assistance from anybody. The electric bath chairs are designed to work and move automatically.

General features of an electric bath lift

The electric bath seat is usually reclining so that the end user can easily rest back and have a more relaxing experience in the bath. The reclining capability makes it more comfortable and safe than ever. Aside from giving comfort, it is also made to reassure the end user while bathing. Many of the available brands come with increased legroom for more comfort. They can also be disassembled and reassembled. The ergonomic design also sets it apart and makes it a perfect addition to the interior décor. The hand control is equally unique and makes it very easy to manipulate, either around the home or on the stairs. The battery fitted to it is usually lightweight, which makes the stairlift to be very light and easy to control. Its light weight means it can be lifted and carried around very easily if you so desire.

When not in use, most of the electric bath seats made today can be folded. The quick release system in the hand controller makes it easy to control its speed. The emergency stop feature equally improves the control of the stair lift. Aside from the comfort and safety, it offers the end user, it will also give the end user a complete independence and he will never be a burden to others again when moving from one room to another, going to the toilet or bathroom, moving up or down the stairs.

The reclining backrest makes the bath seat even more comfortable. The surface of the seat is usually textured and you do not have to cover it before using it. It usually comes with side flaps that are flushed to the seating surface to permit safe side transfer and more comfort.

In the next section of this write-up, we will focus on the various features to consider when buying an electric bath seat.

Electric Bath Seats

Features to consider in an electric bath seat before you buy


First of all, find out if the item is durable and long lasting. A durable bath seat should come with a long-term warranty. It should be made with solid materials like steel, which can last for long. Durable equipment will not get damaged easily and you may never need to repair or replace it for several years. Durable equipment can also be used as often as you like without any fear of damage. Bear in mind that the bath lifts will be submerged under water almost every time. It will not rust or get damaged by water if it is durable.

Check the brand name

The brand name is very important when choosing a bath lift. Some brand names are known for originality, while some other ones are far from being reliable. Before you buy that particular brand name of bath lift, first read up reviews about it to find out what the current or past end users are saying about it. Only go for a bath lift that has positive reviews and steers clear of the ones with bad reviews. Those brand names that had been in the industry for years will rarely produce poor quality products since they will not want to damage their towering good reputations; the same cannot be said about relatively unknown brand names.

At the same time, you should be careful when buying the top brand names; find out if you are buying the real thing or the imitation. It is better to buy the particular brand from an approved outlet or from the home page of the brand; this way, there is a 100% assurance of buying the original product and not the fake one. The brand name can also determine the stairlift cost.

Read reviews

As hinted earlier, reviews will give you an idea of how reliable or otherwise the brand name is. When reading the reviews, however, make sure you read them from neutral websites where you can get the true picture of things about that particular brand of electric bath seat. Most times, the reviews provided on the home page may be a far cry from reality. Many of those reviews are just provided to deceive the end user into buying it. A reliable review will contain both the pros and cons of that particular item so that you can make an informed decision when buying.

Check body weight

One other thing to consider when buying a bath lift is the size of the end user. How much weight can the bath lift bear? First of all, measure the weight of the intended end user before purchasing the electric bath lift. Buy one that can carry the weight conveniently so that it can last longer. Also, find out if the bath seat is wide enough to bear the bulk of the end user.

Check for unique features

You are always better off with swivel bath lift rather than the stationary ones. The swivel ones make it easy to get in and out of the bath. The inflatable bath lift also makes bathing very easy. It can lower you easily into the bath and also lift you out of the bath without ado. Just press a soft button on the hand control and it will lower you gently to the bottom of the bath. The inflatable type always puts you in control and it can be re-inflated effortlessly by simply pressing a button. The inflatable type is always soft and the comfort is simply incomparable.