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Choosing the Right Bath Lift for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Bath Lift for Your Needs
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What is a bath lift ?

A bath lift is a device that can help people with mobility problems use their own bath. This is a device that looks like a seat and is installed in the original bath in order to help people get in or get out of it. A bath lift can be purchased online but it is easy to buy the wrong one for your needs without proper assessment or demonstration.

A bath lift is like a chair which will actually be lowered in the bath in order for the person to get the full experience of a hot bath. This has been specially created for the elderly or those who have mobility problems and cannot lift themselves up. It looks like a seat that has a system which actually raises the person from the bottom of the bath up to the bath lip. This is actually possible through a system that is actuated by just pushing a button.

Why is it advisable to use a bath lift ?

They have been designed for people with problems concerning their lack of mobility. A bath lift is usually used by the elderly but it can also be used by people with back pain, leg pain, those who have problems with their balance and most people who have problems with the upper part of their body. A bath lift is actually very convenient for those who have spinal problems as well so that they can be lifted from the bath by the system.

It is advisable to use such a bath lift when looking for a way to release some pain from the upper body as well as when you want to enjoy a bath and aren’t able to do it by yourself. This is very convenient for those who are having some problems with dizziness as well as it is not necessary to put a great deal of effort into placing yourself in the seat itself.

What are the advantages of owning a bath lift ?

If you are an elderly person you can take advantage of the fact that this is going to offer you the help you need. Also, it is a great way to enjoy one of the best pleasures in life. A bath lift is a device that can make anyone’s life easier. It is true that some of these devices can end up costing a lot of money but they are actually a great investment. Being able to afford one will make someone’s life easier from the start and it will pay in time.

Having a bath lift is actually better than having a hoist which can cause a sensation of discomfort. A bath lift is a great investment and one of the most advantageous, because a patient who has problems can actually use it discreetly when required and they tend to be very easy to use as well.

Does it cost a lot of money ?

The price of a bath lift depends on what sort of mechanics it uses. Of course, there are bath lifts that can cost more money, especially those that have to be professionally installed on a wall. But a person needs to consider that these products will pay for themselves in the future as they actually are very useful.

This mechanism was actually developed by doctors that specialise in these problems that people with low mobility have and they know exactly how these need to be used as well. They developed the best technology there is and so it is actually a great investment when thinking about it. Making someones’ life easier and helping that person enjoy something that brings a lot of joy and which can ease stress, is worth the money.

There are various bath lifts available such as inflatable, chair and belt systems. The best bath lift depends on assessing your mobility needs and how often you may need to use the device.

What are the types of bath lifts ?

Inflatable bath lifts

These ones usually come with an electric pump in order to inflate the seat. When the seat is inflated, the bath lift is ready. The person can actually sit on that seat and when it is ready can be deflated and so immerse the person in the bath.

This type of seat is quite flexible and comfortable when sitting down.

When finishing with the bath, the person needs to inflate the seat and it will lift you up in order to be able to get out of the bath. This is actually quite logical and easy to use and not very expensive in comparison with the other types of bath lifts.

Chair bath lifts

As the name suggests these have a firm surface and tend to be preferred by people who like the sturdy feeling of a rigid chair. They usually recline at bottom of bath so making them more comfortable.

These bath lifts are fitted with batteries that require recharging after use.

Belt system bath lifts

This is a unit with a belt (or band) that is fixed to the wall next to the bath. With the push of a button the belt unrolls to lower the person into the bath.

When the person wants to get out of the bath they just press a button to bring the belt up. Again these systems tend to use rechargeable batteries and are more expensive than other devices that fit in the bath because they have to be professionally fitted to the wall.

Choosing the Right Bath Lift for Your Needs

What do patients need to consider when buying a bath lift ?

With all of the devices outlined above the user will still need to be able to sit on the seat at the edge of the bath and swing their legs over bath lip. The great advantage of this is that it serves as a safety element because the user won’t have to stand in the bath with one leg at a time which is the norm for stepping into a bath.

People who use these devices use them because of course, they have some health problems. But what they need to understand is the fact that they need to be able to have some sort of mobility as well. In order to be able to get in the seat of such a bath lift, they need to make sure that they can actually move their legs and place them to the side of the bath as well. They need to do this regularly in order to sit the proper way in a bath lift seat.

If the person needs support when it comes to this as well, he or she can have installed by the side of the bath a handrail in order to be able to raise themselves as well. But, this means that they need to have some sort of force in their arms as well. These bath lifts can be actually considered by people who weigh a lot as well. They usually sustain up to about 130 kg.

Also, it would be advisable for people who have some back problems to actually consider a bath lift that has some sort of a backrest as well. They can be more comfortable than those without one and also can offer a lot of support when immersing into the water. This means that they can actually help with the balance of the person as well.

Why is a bath lift a great investment?

There are a lot of people who suffer from mobility problems and so they do not enjoy the most common things in life and they have a lot of issues when trying to do one of the most simple tasks. Why not invest in such a device that can make your life easier and help with problems as well as making your life easier day to day.

Also, the fact that they have a great opportunity to invest in something that gives them the support needed and help reinforce their idea of independence and safety that may have been lost some time ago.

This can help to change lives for the better and get that feel good factor back.

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