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Bathroom equipment for independent lifestyle

Bathroom equipment for independent lifestyle
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Bathroom equipment for independent lifestyle

An elderly or disabled person may have to rely on members of their family if they are unable to look after themselves. This can cause some tension within the family over time, particularly if the disabled or elderly person calls them for assistance regularly. Assisting the elderly in cooking and cleaning the home may not seem that difficult, but the story can change when the elderly or disabled needs help in the toilet or bathroom. Such moments can be awkward for both parties and it is understandable if members of the family are not forthcoming or entirely given to the idea of helping the elderly or disabled at such times.

If you are an elderly person and confined to a wheelchair, you do not have to rely on other members of the family to get most things done. However there are times when you will need help such as simply buying bathroom equipment that can help you to live a more independent lifestyle, and there is no better equipment than a bath lift.


Bath lifts and its many benefits

Bath lifts are designed for the elderly or immobile people who are unable to lower or lift themselves in the bath. With this equipment it will be much easier to use the bathroom without any assistance whatsoever. In fact, they can take a bath by themselves without asking for help or assistance from anybody. If asking for help or assistance in the bathroom feels awkward and you prefer to keep your privacy despite your disability or advanced age, you can go for the bath lift chair option. It can prove to be one of the best additions to your lifestyle. What are the benefits of owning a bath lift seat? Continue reading to find out about the benefits.

It can improve your safety in the bathroom

Using a bath lift in the home can reduce the chances of a domestic accident. If you are scared of taking your bath because of your situation, you can go for the bath lift and it will make the process much easier. It can calm your fears to give you the confidence to help you use the bath faster and easier. The bath lift chair is designed for your safety and gives you a better control over things since you can now move about and also take your bath without anyone assisting you. The bath can be a slippery area particularly when using shampoos, body wash and bath foam. Consequently, you will never be affected if the bath happens to be slippery. If you are in a wheelchair for any reason, then this will prove to be one of the best additions to your bathroom. Going into the bathroom without the bath lift can increase your risk of slipping or experiencing a domestic accident due to your potential for excessive movement.


Promotes hygiene

We all know the importance of personal hygiene. Not only does it make you feel fresh but helps to reduce infections that can be picked up anywhere. As we age it is more important than ever to keep our bodies clean which can affect an elderly person more than a younger or more agile person. This is what makes bath lifts very important for a disabled or limited mobility person for the hygiene it promotes. Do not forget that only you can use the bath chair, which means there is always an assurance of hygiene when you use it. With the shower chair, you can be sure of its function at all times, and using equipment that you are familiar with and be certain of its safety.


The power of independence

Never again will you have to depend on another person to use the bath in your own home. The bath lift takes you there and ensures you can have your bath with zero assistance. It will help you to get that much needed shower or bath any time you feel like it without the fear of becoming a burden or a source of worry to others. The bath chairs come in different shapes, sizes and brands; they also have various features and specifications so that your needs in the bathroom can be adequately met at all times. There are various bath lift chairs available and suitability varies from one person to another depending on your personal circumstances. There are some that recline and some that are offer firm or flexible seats so it is important to try various types to find which one is best for you.


Improvement in the quality of life

A shower chair can improve the quality of your life. As stated above, it offers you a complete freedom and ensures you do not have to depend on anybody to get things done. It will help you to get a bath any time you want without asking someone else to help you in the bathroom. This can help you prevent depression or anger issues, which can come up when you cannot do what others can do or when you have to depend on others to get things done or go to places in the home.

Having the bath lift means your need for help or dependence on others will reduce drastically.

This can elevate your mood and make life a lot easier than ever. With the help of the bath lift, you can now let yourself down into the warm water and wash away your worries any time of the day or night. There is no need to call on others to help you, so you can do it yourself and do it when you feel like doing it. There is no better way to enjoy life than having a nice warm bath !


100% ownership

Other things in the home may be shared by other occupants, but no one will share your bath lift with you. It is yours 100%! As a result, the bath lift will be clean and it will not get damaged quickly.


Most bath chairs are highly affordable and will not put a hole in your pocket. They do not require require much installation and despite the affordable costs, they are designed to serve you for years to come. There are various quality bath lifts on the market and it is worth investing in reliable brand names. Some brand names are tested and can be trusted for top-notch quality.

Bear in mind that the cost depends on the features available in the bath lifts. Be that as it may, you will always get something that perfectly fits your budget.

In the next section of this write-up, we will talk about some of the best bath lift equipment for an independent lifestyle. Each of the items discussed below has been thoroughly tested and found to have the quality you can ever hope for in a bath lift. Consequently, you can invest your money on any of them and you will get top value for your money at all times. Each of them equally comes with a long-term warranty, which gives an assurance that it is built to last. And what is more, they are all affordable! Check below for the features and specifications of the top performing bath lifts for a better quality of life.

Popular bath lifts brands:

bath lift equipment


One thing that makes this bath lift stand out is its inflatable design. It can be inflated and deflated easily so that you can be lowered and lifted out of the bath without any worries. It is powered electrically and is among the best and cheapest electric bath lifts on sale today. It is also very easy to fit and virtually all that you need to make yourself mobile in the bath. What is more, it is lightweight and portable. You can easily maximize leg room in the bath or shower since the shower chair can be reclined further back. This feature also ensures you can avoid most bath handles while in the bath. The anti-slip coating on it equally ensures your safety while in the bath.

Furthermore, Mangar bath lift comes with 4 quick release suction pads that simplify the control of the bath lift; this feature ensures that the bath lift can be removed easily from the bath. It can be lowered right to the bottom of the bath as you would normally sit in a bath.

Furthermore, the bath seat is very easy to clean, reliable and should last for some years.

Mangar features:

  • Electrically controlled with handset
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be lowered right to bottom of the bath
  • Reclines to provide more leg room
  • Will last for some years

Bath buddy bath lift

This is yet another unique shower chair and can make life a lot easier for the physically impaired person. The bath lift is inflatable and this makes for a very easy control. The brand had been around since 1993 but was redesigned in 2000 following an extensive research and development. It remains one of the best bath lifts for elderly. Up to 60,000 units of the Bath Buddy has been sold since introduction and the customers have given credence to the quality of customer service and product reliability. The bath chair is safe and has proved itself to be a stable bathing aid for the elderly or disabled person. It is designed to allow you to lie down in the bottom of the bath so that you can enjoy every moment you spend in the bathroom.

Some of the features are highlighted below

  • The seat does not have any metal parts. It is a cushion which promotes comfort and equally prevents damage to the bath
  • It is very hygienic and features smooth contours, which makes it very easy to clean, dry and stow away when not in use
  • It is made from polyethylene to provide a soft touch and prevent wear. The product can resist hot water and bath additives.
  • It is approved by TUV
  • Each unit comes with minimum 2 year warranty
  • It is available in different sizes to fit the specific need of individual users
  • The weight limit of the user is 130 kg or 20 stones
  • It is safe and does not come with an electrical hand control
  • The seat is secure and non-slip
  • It can perfectly suit most baths
  • The operation is equally simple
  • You do not need any assistance from anyone to use it
  • It is designed to prevent the possible hazard when stepping in and out of the bath.
  • You can get immersed completely in the bath with the aid of this bath chair
  • It is designed to save water energy
  • Since it can fit into most baths, you will not require any bathroom alterations
  • There is no installation cost since there is little or no installation required
  • The bath chair is very easy to use
  • It is highly comfortable and features lumbar support, which provides extra stability
  • Needless to say, it is portable and lightweight.

BellaVita bath lift

This brand is yet another big name and it is of high quality. It is innovative, safe and comfortable. It is a bath lift that can appeal to people that like the re-assurance of a firm seat type bath lift. It features a two-piece construction and also comes with quick-release suction cups for easy, tool-free installation. It can be stored easily and you can equally travel with it. Some of its outstanding features are highlighted below:

  • It features a reclining backrest and low seat height for a better comfort and complete water immersion
  • It is portable and lightweight. It can be transported and stored easily thanks to its 2-piece design
  • It comes with a floating, watertight hand control for easy operation when you are in the bath
  • The backrest and seat are padded for extra comfort
  • No tools required for installation
  • Assembly and disassembly are equally easy

As you can see these different types of bath lift can be a fantastic addition to your way of life to help you maintain your independence and help keep you safe.

Make a difference to your life and don’t struggle any more !

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