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How to choose the right Bath Lifts and Stair Lifts in Chelmsford

There are several things that can provide comfort to people who are physically not strong enough. If you are residing in Chelmsford and want to buy a stair lift, you have a lot of options. But you need to make some considerations before taking the final decision. Here are some pointers to note when buying Bath Lifts and Stair Lifts in Chelmsford.

Consider the user

Obviously this should be a major consideration before making your buying decision. What is the weight of the individual who is going to use the bath lift? Generally, most bath lifts weigh about 300lbs. That’s the standard. But you can get some specially designed bath lifts with carrying capacity of about 500lbs.


Before going on to buy your most ideal Bath Lifts and Stair Lifts in Chelmsford, remember to measure the area you need to place them. For the bath lift, the tub’s side should have the same size and area as the bath lift. The lift’s seat should be well placed with the tub’s side to make it stronger when the user lies on tit. Otherwise, it could break easily. If you are not really sure of the exact size of your bath space and how to measure correctly, you can call a technician to do the measurement for you. It’s better to get the correct measurement, so you don’t end up buying a bath lift that doesn’t fit properly.

Get advice from friends

When buying something as important as a stair lift or bath lift, your research alone may not be enough. Seek for advice from friends or a relative who owns a stair lift. They can help you check out your place and advice you on the best product to buy. There experience too will help you in terms of usability. They can also advice you on the best place to buy Bath Lifts and Stair Lifts in Chelmsford. For bath lift, they can help you decide whether the user will be more comfortable with recline or non-reclining seats.

Check the power

Battery powered bath lifts are more common than other types of power options. You can lower or raise the batter when you press and hold the knob. There are also bath lifts with hand crank. These ones do not need constant charging because they are not battery operated.  In the past, most bath lifts were water powered. But these types are gradually becoming extinct. When you are selecting a bath lift because of its power options, select the model that will be most convenient to you.

 In conclusion, buying stair lifts and bath lifts is a great investment. You wouldn’t want to get it wrong when selecting a product for the user. Before you decide, make sure you know the features that will be best for the user. At the end, the most important thing is the comfort and convenience for any one who wants to use them.