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Bath Lifts For The Elderly

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bath lifts for the elderly

A lot of the elderly find it hard to bathe on their own. Yet, they do not like the fact that they would need the help of other people in order to take a bath. In order to give them freedom and independence again to bathe on their own, bath lifts can be used. The bath lift is used in order to allow the elderly to lower himself to the bathtub and lift himself up again after he is done. There are different bath lifts that are available in the market right now so choosing can be a bit complicated. How can you pick bath lifts for the elderly that will best fit your needs?

Choosing from Different Bath Lifts

Picking the right bath lift can be complicated if the person does not know what he is looking for. There are so many types and kinds so choosing the right will be a bit hard. These are some of the things that are usually considered:

  • Type of Bath Lift – There are different types of bath lifts that are available. Some are specifically meant to be used in the bathroom. There are some that can be installed and used in the other parts of the home.

  • Size of the Bath Lift – There are various sizes that are available depending on the person who is using the bath lift. Not using the right size can be problematic for the user.

  • Quality – Do you honestly want to have a bath lift that will break down after being used for a short period of time? You would like to have one that is made of good quality materials and can be used for years. Regular maintenance of the bath lifts may be required.

Movement of the Bath Lift

The movement of the bath lift is something that you cannot just ignore. It is not wise to spend your money on a bath lift with a movement that you do not like. Checking the available will always be ideal. The two types of movement are the following:

  • Air – Pressure Driven

  • Motor-Driven

There are advantages and disadvantages for both types of movement. A bath lift that is air-pressure driven may use hydraulics and can be faster. There are some elderly who are not comfortable using this type of bath lift mainly because it might be hard for them to balance when the movement is too fast. A motor-driven bath lift may be easier to control. The elderly will surely feel that he is in control of his bath while in the bath tub.

Support Provided by the Bath Lift

How much support can be the bath lift provide? It was already mentioned earlier that they may come in varying sizes and capabilities. It is vital to find a bath lift that can provide proper support. It will be very useful that way. Look for a bath lift that has a well-padded seat. This can provide the comfort that the elderly needs. There are also some bath lifts that come with a backrest so that the elderly can relax while bathing or doing other activities. Find a bath lift that can provide a full seat as this will provide the most support to the elderly.

If in case the elderly is not too comfortable with fully-supported seats, there are some bath lifts that may come in a form of a ledge. This can also be chosen.

Installation Process of your bathtub lift

One of the things that people like about choosing bath lifts for the elderly over the other items that older people may need is the fact that this can be installed properly. A lot of bath lifts would not require people to hire professionals anymore. If in case the bath lift is so complex that it would need professionals, will it be worth the purchase?

There are some people who only need to use the bath lift temporarily. A bath lift that is too complex may be a pain to remove from where it has been installed. Always consider this before you make the right choice.


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How Easily the Bath Lift Can be Used

There are some companies who are willing to do bath lift demonstrations. This will show people how bath lifts for the elderly are being used. They will realize that there are differences in the way that bath lifts are operated in the bathroom. Some are just easier to use compared to others. The operation of the bath lift should be simple enough that the elderly immediately knows how to use it. If it would require the help of another person so that it can be operated, there will be no point in getting the bath lift.

Bath lifts come with various features that will make one particular product to be easier to use as compared to another product. For example, an elderly person who suffers from arthritis may find it hard to maneuver a bath lift that requires the use of a joystick in order to move. Some bath lifts for the elderly can be operated with the use of buttons. This will surely be easier to use.

Get to know more details about the right model so that it will be easy for you to choose.

Check Out the Safety Features

What is the primary reason why you are using a bath lift? It is to ensure that seniors will remain safe, right? The elderly would still like to feel independent. They want to feel that even if they are already in their golden years, they can still take a bath on their own. It can be hard if they would get into an accident while using their chosen bath lift. It might make them less confident about trying to bathe on their own. It may also become more dangerous for them to be alone especially with their delicate health.

Check out the different products available and look if the safety features are enough to make you feel more secure.

online . You want the elderly to feel good and to stay safe when using there bath lift. Look for features that will allow the elderly to take a bath properly inside the bathroom without fearing that the bath lift will fail him. There are bath lifts that come with alarms. There are also some that will provide notifications when the battery of the bath lift is already low. These safety features can surely influence how you would choose the right bath lift for bathing.

Some Bath Lift Types being used

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Getting to know the different types of bath lifts will allow you to become more familiar with the types that you can choose from.

  • Air-Inflatable Bath Lift – This is inflated so that it will float when placed on water. This is ideal if the bath lift will be installed and used in the bathtub. There should be a button that will indicate that the bath lift should be deflated.

  • Water-Powered Bath Lift – This will be connected to the water pressure that you have at home. The stronger your house’s water pressure, the better that this can be used.

  • Manual Bath Lift – This will require the help of another family member in order to manually turn the crank. There are some older people who can do this on their own but others may require the help of others to make this work.

  • Battery – Powered Bath Lift – This may be the favorite bath lift of people because it is convenient to use. This just needs to be charged before it will be used to ensure that problems will not occur in the middle of taking a bath.

The right bath lifts for the elderly will make a lot of difference with how comfortable bathing is going to be for older people.


Have you learned enough details about bath lifts to help you in making the right choice? Do not forget to check the rating of the bath lift products that you see. There are different things that you need to consider before you purchase. Make the wrong decision and you would be forced to find a new product to buy. Do your research and consider the needs of the person who is going to use the bath lift. It will make a lot of difference that way. If in case you have some questions, we are available to answer all of your inquiries. We can also do bath lift demonstrations if you need us to do so. This way, finding bath lift tub will be a lot less complicated.

Always choose a good brand and check the ratings online