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Bath Lifts For Elderly

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Bath Lifts for Elderly

Bath lifts are special tools for the elderly and disabled. bath lifts for the elderly are made to assist an end user access the bottom of the bath so that the disabled or elderly can easily and effectively take their bath after taking his bath, the bath lift can also lift the individual out of the bath and convey him to any room in the home. There are many styles and types of bath lift out there today. The bath lift can be installed in different parts of the home, including the ceilings, floor or walls. There are also some portable forms of bath chairs that can be folded and stowed away when not being used. The portable ones do not require installation.

The stair lift is reliable for providing extra support to the elderly people, especially if they are having difficulties in moving around the home, getting in or getting out of the homer. The bath lift can help the elderly person to maintain his sense of dignity, which is brought by independence. The bath lift will equally ensure that they can take their bath without suffering an accident. Bath chairs are available in various models, shapes, and sizes. You should not just jump at anyone you come across first; rather, you should first investigate that particular one before you place your hard-earned money on it. In this write-up, we will consider the various categories of bath lift and give you an idea of the best to go for when searching for the best one for the elderly member of your family.


Movement of the lift

Before you place your hard-earned money on that bath lift, you should find out about its mode of movement. Movement can be in two ways in a bath lift, which are:

  • Motor-driven
  • Air pressure-driven

The two methods highlighted above have their merits and demerits. Be that as it may, what suits one person may differ from what suits the other persons. The air pressure-driven motor is usually related to the hydraulic bath lift. Studies, however, show that the motor-driven bath chairs are better than the other type, especially if the elderly person has balancing problems. The motorized ones provide a more steady movement compared to the other one. You can easily access the bottom part of the bath if you use the air pressure-driven bath lift. This type equally makes it easy for the end user to get immersed more in the bath water.


Level of support

One other feature to consider in a bath lift is the amount of support it has to offer. Bath lift chairs are of different types and sizes. A well-padded seat can provide lots of support and make the elderly or the end user highly comfortable. The degree of support you desire in the bath lift can determine the type of chair or seat to consider. You are better off with a bath lift that features a full seat with a contoured unit and backrest. This type of bah lift is more comfortable and also provides a better support to the end user. They are equally designed to prevent the end user from slipping when they are in the bath water.

On the other hand, you can go for a simple ledge or bench if the end user does not need much support. This latter type reduces how much room you occupy and equally enable the end user to use more of the bath.

Bath Lifts For Elderly


Complexity of installation

You should speak to bath lift demonstration first and find out how easy or difficult it is to install the bath lift before you buy it. Do you want a permanent stair lift or something temporary? If it is permanently installed, it may be difficult for other members of the household to use the bath. Some models of bath chairs are available in the market today that permit temporary installation so that the bath lift can be removed for other people to use that bath.


Ease of operation

How easy is it to operate a bath lifts for the elderly? This is yet another feature to consider when buying the right one for you. The operation of the bath lift should be easy so that the elderly person can grasp it effortlessly. Bear in mind that some of the end users may also be having other age-related medical conditions, like dementia. So, the operation should be very easy to grasp so that it can serve the desired purpose. Many of the baths lift being made today also feature buttons that are very easy to operate. If the end user has a poor sight or suffers from arthritis, he will not have any problem operating these buttons. The inflatable bath lift is a very good example of a bath lift easy to operate. It can be inflated easily to flat on the water and can be deflated easily so that you can get immersed in the bath water. This simple operation can prevent the possibility of an accident.


Safety features

Before you buy that bath lift, find out how many safety features it has. Is it safe or not? Is there a high risk of an accident or not when using the bath lift? You should settle these issues before you buy that bath lift. The issue of safety is extremely important and you must never take it lightly. The issue of safety must even be taken more seriously if the individual is to use the bath lift by himself. Many of the motorized forms of bath chairs are fitted with visual indicators and audible alarms, which are included to show the end user when the battery gets low. The indicators will equally tell you if the charge is too low to operate the bath lift; the batteries will fail to operate the bath chairs if it is too low.

Also, find out if the place bath lift is easy to wash and also find out if they also come with non-slip matting. Also, find out if the bath is large enough to accommodate the lift; this will equally provide a good space for the end user.


Common types of bath lifts

Some of the common types of bath lifts for the elderly are highlighted below:

  • Battery-powered bath chair lifts, which is powered by a battery and only need to be charged. A fully charged battery can equally last for days. In most instances, the batteries are lithium-ion batteries and they are made to last for long. It is a form of improvement on electric bath chairs.
  • Air-inflatable bath lift: as its name implies, this type of bath lift can be inflated so that it can float easily on the bath water. It comes with an air-inflatable cushion filled with a battery-powered air compressor. The cushion easily gets deflated at the push of a button. The deflation occurs slowly. The filling can take up to three minutes.
  • Water-powered bath lifts: This type is powered by the water pressure in the home. The bath lift is attached to a shower pipe, diverter spout or diverter. In this type of bath lift, there is no need to charge any battery. However, the problem with this type of bath lift is that the equipment can only work if there is the adequate strong water pressure in the home.
  • Manual crank bath lift: This type of bath lift can be raised or lowered by using a crank. It is better than electric bath seats.


The above would have informed you about the bath lift and certain things to consider when buying. You have also been told the different types of bath lifts out there today. You should first find out what will work perfectly for the intended end user before buying the bath lift if you have any questions speak to us at bath lift demonstration we are here to help