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Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift

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Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift

Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift Features

If you are ill or aged and find it difficult to take your bath by yourself, you will find the Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift to be the perfect helping hand for you. The tool is designed to enable you take your bath by yourself, providing adequate comfort and support. The features of the bath lift make it very easy to use. Some of these features include the following:

  • Hand controller that features a quick release system
  • The buoyant hand control that houses the lightweight battery
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ease of assemble and disassemble
  • Adequate legroom.

The lightweight battery and the buoyant hand control are incorporated so that anyone having limited arm strength can still successfully operate the bath lift without any problem whatsoever. Other features like the emergency stop, colored buttons and raised profile all work together to permit simple and controlled operations of the machine. These features ensure that the end user can operate the machine without assistance or stress.

Connection can equally be ensured very easily by the hand control, which is linked to the back of the Orca. The feature ensures a water-tight and secure seal, which promotes effortless release of the handle with just one hand.

The end user can equally select the most relaxing and comfortable bathing position to ensure safety, thanks to the reclining backrest. The textured surface of the Orca Reclining Bath Lift promotes safety of the end user. The textured surface helps to lower the risk of slipping and also permits easy use without applying covers.

Furthermore, the side flaps of the machine flush to the seating surface to permit secure and safe lateral transfers of the end user and prevent the skin from being trapped. The machine folds down and unlocks automatically when it is pushed forward.

After unlocking it, the base section and backrest can then be removed easily from the bath after which the sections can fit perfectly to make the machine compact to permit tidy and neat storage.

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